2018-2019 Educational Program Class Schedule

Our Educational Program classes focus on the foundations of dance technique. Classes will combine focus on ballet, jazz, tap, and basic dance steps in a fun, energetic, and encouraging atmosphere. Each class will perform a choreographed dance at the TNT Recital in June to showcase what they have learned during the year. Some older age level classes will perform in 2 dances at recital.
See below for options and register online today or contact the office for more information. We would be honored to work with your young dancer and hope to welcome you to the TNT Dance Explosion Family. Register Today!
In addition to traditional dance class, we also engage our Educational Program dancers in fun theme weeks throughout the year, where they can wear costumes or pajamas and enjoy fun, themed activities with their dance classmates and teacher. A schedule of these special theme weeks will be available on the calendar and in the office this fall.


Toddlers  (Ages 2-3)  $53/month          Click here to Register

Wednesday   5:15-5:55pm

Saturday       9:00-9:40am


Tots 1      (Ages 3-4)   $60/month             Click here to Register

Wednesday    5:15-6:10pm

Saturday       9:15-10:20am


Tots 2         (Ages 4-5)     $60/month        Click here to Register

Tuesday          4:45-5:40pm

Wednesday    5:00-5:55pm

Saturday        9:00-9:55am


Juniors 1    (Ages 5-7)  $60/month         Click here to Register

Tuesday          5:50-6:45pm

Saturday        10:20-11:15am


Juniors 2    (Ages 7-9)    $70/month        Click here to Register

Wednesday     6:15-7:45pm

Thursday         6:45-8:15pm

Saturday         10:00-11:30am


Preps           (Ages 9-11 )    $70/month       Click here to Register

Wednesday     7:00-8:30pm


Pre-Teen     (Ages 12-13)   $70/month     Click here to Register

Wednesday      7:30-9:00pm


Hip-Hop     $53/month                                Click here to Register

Ages 10-12              Wednesday   6:05-6:45pm

Ages 7-9                  Wednesday   6:50-7:30pm

Ages 7-10               Friday            5:30-6:15pm


Musical Theater    (Ages 7-10   $53/month       Click here to Register

Friday                     6:00-6:45pm


Upcoming Events

  • November 21, 2018Thanksgiving Holiday - Studio Closed 21st-24th
  • November 26, 2018Fundraiser Orders Due
  • December 3, 2018Visitor's Week
  • December 24, 2018Studio Closed - Christmas Break
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Please feel free to contact the studio at 585-342-6750 at anytime. Our directors and office manager may also be reached at following e-mails:

The staff of TNT will make every effort to answer any and all of your questions in a timely manner.

The studio is located at 563 Titus Avenue #4, Rochester, NY 14617-3560.